1.Raise awareness and have a better understanding of global education & science and cultural exchange in female students in the 6th grade.

2. Encourage students to take STEM into consideration when forming the basis of their future.

3. Acknowledge the importance of the role STEM plays at the earliest age possible, especially in the regions of Turkey, South Korea and the USA.


In Turkey
– 9.4% illiterate women
– 1.9% illiterate men
– 14.4% women high school graduates
– 22.2% men high school graduates
– 10.7% women college graduates
– 15.1% men college graduates
– Labor force participation rate of women 30.8%
– Labor force participation rate of men 71.5%

Turkey is ranked as the 125th country among 142 countries in the Global Gender Gap Report:

– The male university student population is
11% higher than female university student population

– Women’s Labor Force Participation Rates in Turkey;
· 26.3% of women do not attend high school
· 32.1% of women graduate high school
· 39.3% of women graduate vocational technical school


– Female Turkish students within aged of 15 are majorly behind internationally in science and mathematics skills (TIMSS and PISA).

– Increasing the number of current secondary girl students by 1% would increase the percentage of per capita income in the country at the rate of 0.3%.

– STEM education is the foundation of developing science and technology serving to the environment and sustainable development.

– Increasing students’ interest in STEM education will make the students gain self-confidence related to the subject, and increase employment opportunities.

– Changing the social perception about girls in STEM will provide radical and positive changes for children and countries.


The project committee will visit cities and meet with public and private sectors, government organizations, and universities to introduce this project.

The project will be announced through the national media: newspaper, magazines, website, and social media.

The project will begin in April 2016 and end in May 2016.

GIS Project will be conducted with local units:
– City Governor’s Office
– Universities
– City Education Department
– Chamber of Commerce

National and international role models will be participating as guest speakers throughout the GIS Project.

The STEM Camp will:
Be orchestrated in 7 different cities in Turkey.
Begin in the afternoon on Friday and end on Saturday.

Total of 700 girls in 6th grade will participate in the project.
In each city, the first 100 girls to register online will be able to participate
All participants will join the program at no cost.

GIS Project will be open for the public to join as an audience.

Girls in Syrian Refugee Camp

Currently Turkey holds the world’s largest community of Syrian refugees, and in the coming years,
it is expected that there will be an increase of more than 3.5 million refugees in Turkey.